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4 Killer Plank Variations to Try Right Now!

Posted by Sia Cooper

Who loves planks? Here are 4 killer variations that will set your abs on fire! Plank with Leg Lifts Get into plank position on your forearms with your abs in tight. Engage your glutes to lift and hold one foot a few inches off the floor, foot flexed. Repeat and then switch legs. Plank Jacks   […]

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Happy Planksgiving November Challenge

Posted by Sia Cooper

Get ready to celebrate the month of November by working on mastering your planks! You will learn 8 different types of plank exercises as well as getting your entire body conditioned for the cold winter months ahead! Happy Planksgiving November Challenge (complete each exercise once daily) Saturday November 1 5 second elbow plank 5 plank […]

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30 Day Plank Challenge

Posted by MK Morris

I love planks and soon… SOON… you will too! 1: 20-second regular plank 10-second side plank each side 2: 20-second regular plank 20-second side plank each side 3: 30-second regular plank 30-second side plank each side 20-second spiderman plank 4: 30-second regular plank 30-second side plank each side 30-second spiderman plank 5: 30-second regular plank […]

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21 Day Plank Challenge

Posted by Sia Cooper

They say that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. This 21 day plank challenge will put your core to the test and send your strength through the roof! All you have to do is hold the plank position for the amount of seconds noted for each day. It may seem easy, […]


Plank You Very Much Workout

Posted by Sia Cooper

 Tired of the ole’ Plank? No problem, we’ve got your covered! Here is a workout with advanced plank variations to get your full body in blast!   For maximum results: Pair this with the 30 Minute Living Room Workout!   60 Second Elbow Plank Start off on a yoga mat in the pushup position. Starting […]


3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Planks

Posted by Sia Cooper

The plank is such a great move and one that requires little effort, but GREAT effort-all at the same time. However, because of this, most people do the planks incorrectly or do not get the full benefits from the exercise itself. It works all of the muscles in your core, including the rectus abdominus (the “six-pack […]


6 Exercises. 12 Minutes. No Excuses

Posted by Angela Sasso

Hi BodyRockers! I agree with the DailyHIIT philosophy that short intense workouts are Amazingly EFFECTIVE!   Don’t underestimate what you can achieve in so little time… and with your Gym Boss timer by your side you are sure to stay focused!   Remember…..changing the exercises you do and the way you do them keeps your body guessing […]

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The Plank Progression

Posted by Candy Donovan

A little routine I like to do after my workout and in addition to my ab exercises. I’m hard-core that way, I like to ‘feel the burn’. And the reason why we plank? To strengthen the deep stabilizer abdominal muscles, the arms, shoulders, and back.       Repeat the sequence of 4 exercises 3 […]


BLAST Your CORE For AMAZING Unstoppable ABS!

Posted by Angela Sasso

If you want Amazing Abs, a Flat Tummy, a Defined Waistline, and a Flexible Healthy Spine….  Hitting your Core muscles is your First Choice! Targeting your core in a workout also burns WAY MORE CALORIES so you are certain to get Maximum Results!! Core exercises train the muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis and this is so important […]

renegade row

Renegade Rows

Posted by Daily Hiit

Ever heard of the renegade row plank? Next time you do plank pose, try upping the ante by incorporating a killer back workout into the mix. The renegade row is definitely a tough core workout, but it’s worth its weight in gold when it comes to toning your abs and sculpting a sexy upper body. […]