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12 Min Before Breakfast Fat Burn – (1 Video)

Posted by Lisa

Hi Everyone,

Ok so the WiFi in the complex is SO bad this year.

To get around this, I walk 45 min’s to a local bar & sit and upload for an hour or so.

I hope that by making the video a little smaller it will speed this up, mainly so I can make more content & sit for a lot less time.

This morning I was up before the sun & I decided to smash out a cool 12 minute circuit. It’s super basic & bodyweight – but worked every single muscle in my body.

I have posted the Video & Instructions of todays workout below –

The workout is above, with the time & intervals – so get up 12 minutes early tomorrow & smash your fat burning before breakfast workout !! – you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment that you did & will be ready to start your day.

Note: There are tutorials on the DailyHiit YouTube playlist page if you need an alternative exercise or help with the ones in this video – This can be found – HERE

Please share with friends & don’t forget to post your scores below : )

Love Always

L xx


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